Summer 2020 | Professor William Watson

This interior design project focused on the complex subject of mourning. I was tasked to create project for a chef, a writer, and a child. Ultimately, I decided to illustrate the story of a family: a couple in love, a husband who cooked for his wife every night and a wife who in turn wrote her poetry about him. After the sudden death of the husband, the wife is in a state of avoidance, no longer wanting to return to the kitchen or her office, wanting to close away the spaces of essential program in her sorrow. The design forces the confrontation of the passing and the weight that comes with it, allowing the presence of the late father to be felt as these avoided spaces are gradually opened up, and the life for the mother and daughter continue.

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The kitchen and study become anchor points of the design. The plan allows for two flow paths, one towards the north that bypasses social spaces and attends only to services, and another that guides the mother and daughter through entertainment spaces when they are ready. The design focuses on the new routine to be developed between mother and child.