Library of the 21st Century

Spring 2021 | Professor John Zissovici

With the rise of digital mediums of access, the physical storage room was no longer necessary. I challenged the idea of physicality using augmented reality and a simple ramp attached to Sibley Hall, allowing one to step into the sky, within the sea of photogrammetrically scanned and warped objects from the original arts quad. This extended arts quad enables users to walk up a ramped extension of Sibley Hall grasping knowledge out of the sky. One would reach up to an object which intrigued them. In their hands, the digital scan will reveal itself.

Image Image Image Image Image

Digital Site Transformation

By turning on a pair of augmented reality goggles, or even holding up a phone screen, users are able to transform their environment. The rampway becomes a stage, allowing one to reach floating objects of information. This model introduces a dynamic way of engaging users with new readings, allowing for discovery in the digital library experience.

Interaction Recording

A sample of the augmented reality interaction is shown on the left, through a third person perspective. The user selects an object and confirms the reading selected.